Podcast interview: The evolution of the Social Media Marketer

Elizabeth Ebeli, Practice Manger of Digital Media at Slade Partners Executive Search, talks with Tim Martin from NET:101 about the evolving Australian digital and social media landscape. Particular focus on social media marketing and social media management roles including remuneration bench-marking from what was once considered a graduate only role to executive positions driving social commercial outcomes.

Elizabeth Ebeli

Elizabeth Ebeli has a strong footprint within the digital media sector and is regularly engaged at all levels in identifying and connecting the best digital, marketing and communications talent. As Practice Manager of Digital Media, Elizabeth is actively working with innovative and progressive digital media companies, agencies, internal digital departments, designers and publishers in Australia and globally.

Elizabeth Ebeli
Practice Manager, Digital
Slade Executive Recruitment
Level 7, 15 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: +61 3 9235 5100

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