Peering over that hill: Tips for mature workers

While ‘job for life’ opportunities do still exist, the reality is that most of us will change roles frequently throughout our working life. For people who are seeking a new role either by choice or necessity and who are in the twilight of their careers, the prospect of looking for a job can be stressful and challenging.

Without a doubt, the mature worker brings a host of capabilities and with a gap of nearly 50 years between the oldest and youngest workers in some organisations, these individuals are in a unique position to add value and mentor both directly and indirectly, bringing knowledge that only time and experience can provide.

If you’re facing the potential of a late change in your career, here are some tips to remind you exactly how much you bring to the (work) table:

  1. Employers are looking for results, not years. Talk about your achievements, identifying the benefits of having you as part of the company. No matter how small, draw attention to the great things you’ve done.
  2. Maturity isn’t something to apologise for! Celebrate the experience, resilience and stability that have come with time that younger workers aren’t able to demonstrate.
  3. Your experience may be intimidating to hiring managers with less tenure or experience, but with a little discretion and guidance, you can add value to help them fast track their own careers.
  4. Significant work on long-term projects or development over a series of shorter-term assignments provides further evidence of commitment to achieving outcomes. Sell yourself on ROI, highlighting your successful accomplishments by backing them up with cost-benefit facts.
  5. The likelihood of you needing time off for all of the usual life events is greatly reduced; you’re more reliable, dependable and you won’t let people down.
  6. It stands to reason that you have a great work ethic – more and more that isn’t a given and it makes you highly desirable to employers.
  7. You didn’t start texting until you had already learned how to spell. This is a huge advantage for professional correspondence. It’s likely that you will know the difference between there, their and they’re.

Be proud, keep reminding yourself that you’re experienced, maturity adds value and that makes you fabulous.

Helene Roche

Helene commenced her Recruitment career 20 years ago and brings with her a wide selection of industry experience in Government, Not-For-Profit, Education, Telco and Professional Support. With a consultative approach, she leads the way by enabling business to grow on solid human capital foundations. This means not only sourcing the most suitable talent, but tailoring recruitment solutions to each individual organisation’s need. Helene respects the faith that clients place in her to deliver successful and sustainable outcomes, thereby enabling them to meet their business objectives. She enjoys making a difference by adding value, working closely with stakeholders and building long-term relationships.

Helene Roche
Slade Professional Support
Level 7, 15 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
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2 comments on “Peering over that hill: Tips for mature workers
  1. Bill Ellerton says:

    Excellent article Helene. Would you mind if we shared the link to it on our Mature Job Search Facebook page?

  2. Helene Roche Helene Roche says:

    Bill, many thanks for your feedback. I would be thrilled for you to share my article on your Facebook page. I am so glad it has had a positive impact.

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