Confidence: How to win with positivity!

Article image: Laurie Serafini in conversation with Paul Roos

Laurie Serafini in conversation with Paul Roos In this podcast, Laurie Serafini talks to business Leadership & Culture coach (and former Swans AFL Premiership coach) Paul Roos about a magic ingredient for success in whatever you do – confidence. Life

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How to work online, remain productive, and connect with people

Article image: How to work online, remain productive, and connect with people

I am always giving my clients tips on how to work online. Here are the key complaints I hear from clients and friends: It’s hard to connect with people It’s hard to keep productive It’s lonely, and There’s a tendency

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A pocket coach for ‘people moments’.

Article image: People Spot - a pocket coach for people moments’

Who hasn’t ever struggled dealing with the real people stuff? The difficult conversations, the underperformance, anxiety, imposter syndrome, hybrid working, juggling family, team dynamics. All of it. How hard is it and how much mental anguish can it consume? In

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The Dream vs Reality


My lived experience of part-time work, parenting, and working from home Three years ago I was looking to return to the workforce after having children. I really wanted to cut out the dreaded commute time to the office, as well

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The fundamental aspects of culture that schools must address to attract more teachers


In Australia, the value of teachers has never been properly valued and respected. Now, more than ever, that needs to be rectified. To advance teaching as a profession, the voice of educators and school leaders needs to be heard and respected loud and clear.

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Definition of Success = The Human Factor

Article image: Definition of success equals the human factor

What defines a successful person? Embedded throughout my secondary education was that elusive end of year score, which for some reason was going to determine our success in life. However, success has many faces. Even those who reach great heights

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5 reasons why I stay, and enjoy recruitment.

Article image: Why do I stay and enjoy recruitment

Over my 22-year recruitment career, I’ve been asked time and time again by people in my networks – clients, candidates, work colleagues and friends – why the Recruitment industry, what is it that keeps you engaged? At a time when

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The U30s are different.

Article image: Under 30s are different

Covid delayed a lot of Under 30s’ plans for the exhilarating two year stint living and working abroad, but with borders re-open, they’re busting out in big numbers again. Before moving to London this month from Melbourne, 27 year old

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