What’s next for the teachers who took the brunt of lockdowns?

Article image: Teaching from home

The Covid-19 years have focussed attention in schools on the value of teaching professionals working together collaboratively towards the best possible student learning outcomes. For school leaders, the attention has been on building the social capital needed in schools, beyond

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Step by step: returning to the office with confidence.

Article image: Returning to the office with confidence

That thought bubble ‘returning to the office’ pops up, and a thousand worrisome considerations rush through my mind.  Questions such as: Will I be safe travelling on public transport? Am I not only risking my own health, but the health

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The Great Resignation is Coming (and an invitation to you)

Article image: The Great Resignation is Coming

Australian businesses, brace yourselves. According to all the data coming out of the USA (a trend very likely to be followed here in the first half of next year), almost half the workforce are gearing up for the sort of

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I’m also Covid collateral.

Article image: I am also covid collateral

Remember 2019? It was late that year when I took the Melbourne-based role of General Manager for Slade Group and the Interchange Bench. I’d come fresh off an extended break, including giving myself the time to do the Camino De

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Fear of success: Why it happens and how to overcome it.

Article image: Fear of Success - Renata Bernarde

In a recent episode of my podcast, The Job Hunting™ Podcast (ep.100), I discussed success, but with a twist. I see the following behaviour happening all the time with my clients: when job hunters go from getting zero responses to

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5 ways to navigate through the current Tech talent shortage

Article image: Gerard Salvador and Jim Morris

‘Talent shortage’ and ‘skills gap’ are terms that have been thrown about – at times, in my opinion, haphazardly – in the Australian technology sector since I first started recruiting in the space over a decade ago. But never before

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R U Really OK?

Article image: Its ok to...

Imagine this: You witness one of your colleagues, a solid performer in their area of expertise, become so overwhelmed with their workload, that they break down during a team meeting (on camera, because we are meeting virtually), when asked, “How’s

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The Psychology Behind Why Every Day In Lockdown Feels Like ‘Groundhog Day’

Article image: Groundhog Day

They say variety is the spice of life, and for those trying to thrive in lockdown, the age-old adage couldn’t be more important. No matter how mentally strong and resilient you usually are, it’s tough to shake a sinking feeling

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