A brand new box on the org structure

orgchart digital

In a global survey of 500+ business leaders conducted by IIC Partners, three out of four respondents (76 percent) said they didn’t have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). While a majority of organisations might not have a CDO, it’s becoming

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Why corporates should take leadership on social issues

Pink elephant in the room

One of the top international accounting firms hosts a networking event to facilitate a graduate mentoring program that supports aspiring LGBTI business professionals. The world’s strongest global law firm brand facilitates a panel discussion on how to progress marriage equality in

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FRAGILE: Handle with care

Fragile tshirt

In the world @work it’s easy to forget that people can have all sorts of other stuff going on in their life that makes them more or less vulnerable. Whether it’s financial strain, stress from their past or current workplace,

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Managing funds with a social conscience

Solar sheep

We’ve got the sun. We’ve got the space. With renewables fast becoming big business abroad, it’s obvious that the industry has huge potential here in Australia. It’s great when you see a local company taking on the challenge. Recently one

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Teaching our students, schools and the Universities how to adapt with change

Cat to tiger

Have we made any progress in understanding the needs of graduates? A growing development across the University sector has been the search for leaders who have the vision for an improved learning experience for students. From the start of their

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Why don’t we ask RU OK every day?

OK stamp

Today is a day to check in with your colleagues and friends to make sure they are OK, but is one day a year really enough? In workplaces across the country people will hear “RU OK?” today. Some may think

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Email tsunami: 7 steps to repel the tidal wave

Email tsunami

Here’s the thing. We have a prehistoric brain living in a digital age. Our brains are hardwired to be distracted. Wendy Cole, the iMaster of Productivity in the Age of Distraction, tells us what we can do to overcome email

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Lovers and Haters

Love hate baby

Why do we delight in maligning people in a particular chosen profession? Why not celebrate their strengths, their contributions, and the economic and social good that results from people in work across myriad different sectors? And, if there are inefficiencies in

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