A healthy me means a healthy you!


Seriously, without being twee, it’s true. I admit I live a pretty healthy lifestyle: I lift weights, I eat chicken breast, love vegetables, and drink my three litres of water per day. So, when our leadership team sat down to

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Your recruiter is a tool


Well, I don’t mean tool in the pejorative! A well forged, fit for purpose tool is a valued accessory. Would you attempt a home renovation with just a hammer? In the job search process, savvy candidates realise recruiters are part of

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Valuable business take-outs from (un)likely sources


Take a good hard look at yourself Australian small businesses leaders. The Prime Minister wants you to innovate but it’s even simpler than that: listen to your customers and your staff – they’ve got plenty of answers to doing better

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Every temporary tells a story


Why do people like to temp? Over the years as a consultant filling temporary positions, I have met all kinds of candidates. Each one has a unique story and a different reason as to why they want short-term work. The

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What did Ita say? And what’s it got to do with anemones?


I love science, I love sea anemones and I know exactly why I am doing a PhD. I want to make a difference with my work. My beautiful friend Carly has Multiple Sclerosis, as does the irreverent comedian Tim Ferguson.

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3 seconds is all it takes

never invite this guy to speak

Can it really be true that you can win or lose an audience in just three seconds? More on that later, but first here is my checklist for an engaging professional presentation: Strategy – be prepared and have an agenda Energy

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When is your time to start horse breeding?

equine anatomy crop 1200px

All of us have 24 hours in a day. Not one minute more. Some use it brilliantly, others let it slip away. Take my accountant, for example. Let’s call him Tony. Known him for years through the football club, done

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